Island (5caaarr3d amp pr0f4nee)

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5caaarr3d amp pr0f4nee, October 23 2011 Curated by Rollin Leonard

Seven international artists projected gifs and video in a large concrete room in an abandoned army bunker, called Battery Steele, on Peaks Island, Maine. ‘Sacred and Profane’ is an annual art event which started in 1997 as a painting show lit by flashlights and has grown to well-anticipated event complete with a procession from the ferry, several live bands, a banquet, and a party that rages until the next day. The centerpiece to this event are the installation rooms -- one of which is ‘5caaarr3d amp pr0f4nee.’ Beaver dams have flooded the site, so all the equipment is carried in over a temporary wooden walkway. Gas-powered generators supply electricity, transforming the cave-like room which had not seen so much light since it was last occupied by the original military tenants during WWII. The projection room is in the dead center of this complex, putting fifty feet of concrete and dirt overhead and 300 feet of tunnel in either direction, producing total darkness (#000000) when the generator is off, despite it being a relentlessly beautiful, sunny day above the surface. Artists that contributed work for this show included: Helen Adamidou, Greece Anthony Antonellis, USA Kim Asendorf, Germany Emilio Gomariz, Spain Rollin Leonard, USA Lorna Mills, Canada Hendrik Niefeld, Germany